We believe in combining the Linux platform with the power of PC hardware. The Regata OS is a fast, safe and simple desktop operating system.

The Linux platform is everywhere, be it in servers, cloud, mobile devices, virtual machines, containers and even in the Internet of Things and more. All this, for example, is thanks to companies such as Canonical and Red Hat. However, the penguin system still has a long way to go to win over the vast majority of desktop users, who generally opt for Windows and MacOS, especially for these operating systems focus on players and creators of content, and, of course, offer a friendly experience.

Over time, efforts have come to offer alternatives that make use of the Linux kernel to these operating systems, as is the case of Chrome OS and SteamOS that, although they can be installed in almost any computer, still have their development thought in the respective Chromebooks devices and Steam Machines.

Driven by these efforts, the Regata OS arrives as one of the best free alternatives to Windows and MacOS, as well as being easily accessible and can be installed on any modern computer. Because it is not a Linux distribution (or GNU/Linux, as you would like) conventional and is not tied to philosophies, Regata OS can offer the support for the latest technologies present in the hardware, be it through free software and open source or proprietary , plus a very friendly experience.

As mentioned earlier, while large companies have, for example, a greater focus on enterprise environments, we are focusing on the Regata OS on players, creators, and of course not only the novice user on Linux but also the novice user on world of personal computing.

The team
Meet the team behind the Regata OS

Josué Vicente
Founder and developer
Krill Amorim
Bugs go to him
Marcos Queiroz Gomes
Beta tester
Marcos de Paula