Regata OS 19.1 Apollo
The Regata OS 19.1 was designed from the ground up to be an even leaner operating system, so you can more easily get what's really important to you. Adding that with new technologies, you have everything you need to get the most out of your PC, whether you're doing simple everyday tasks like opening apps and files, enjoying your favorite games or creating content.
When it's simple to get new apps, you can do anything
Getting new applications on Regata OS has never been easier. With the app store, you can get your favorite apps very quickly, whether it's talking to friends and family, working in the office, or playing your favorite games.
Desde o lançamento da primeira versão do Regata OS há 5 anos, temos focado em jogos e em como podemos oferecer um melhor suporte para hardwares e periféricos mais modernos. Usamos o aprendizado desse tempo todo para oferecer uma melhor experiência para os jogadores com o Regata OS 19.1.
Key features for gamers include Feral Interactive's GameMode, which is automatically enabled whenever a Steam or Regata OS Game Access game is played.

Depending on your hardware, gameplay significantly increases game performance, especially if they make use of the Vulkan graphics API.
Regata OS Game Access
With the Regata OS Game Access, you have easy and fast access to a vast library of games that do not yet have a native version for the Linux platform, which includes the Regata OS. Among the titles is the League of Legends, Overwatch, The Sims 4 and Battlefield 1. Learn more ›
Notebooks with hybrid graphics is not a problem
To make life easier for those with hybrid graphics notebooks, Regata OS already runs some applications with the dedicated GPU by default on AMD and NVIDIA laptops, which is very useful for software that needs the full power of hardware to work well. However, you can manage this feature with the PRIME Settings, a tool with a very simple and easy-to-use interface designed specifically to help you configure which applications to run with the device's dedicated GPU.
The same incredible experience with cross-platform software
The Regata OS relies on the latest Linux platform technologies for the most important functions of your hardware, allowing multiplatform software that you can use to better utilize the GPU and CPU, whether for 3D modeling or audio and video editing.