Regata OS 18.1 "Honeycomb"

The Regata OS was created for both gamers and creators, as well as for the beginner in the world of personal computing. This allows us to offer better support for new hardware and ease of use as well as a more intuitive experience. With the Regata OS, your desktop or laptop is a new type of computer for everything you love to do. It’s easy to use and you do not have to worry about virus.

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The Regata OS has support for hundreds of applications, we have separated the best ones for you in the Regata OS Store, where you will find several options of apps so that you can do more.

Getting new apps through the Regata OS apps store is a very simple and intuitive process. Even if you do not find your favorite app, you'll certainly find an alternative with the same features as the app you were looking for.

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