Make the switch

Thinking of switching to the Regata OS? Meet the Regata OS a little more and learn how to do everything you need and enjoy doing.

If you use Microsoft Office to work

The Regata OS comes with LibreOffice, a free and complete office suite that includes Writer (text editor), Calc (worksheet), Impress (presentation editor), Draw (drawing editor) and Math (formula editor) . So, in addition to being able to create things like documents, spreadsheets and presentations, you can also open and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel files. However, if you're not a fan of LibreOffice, WPS Office is waiting for you in the app store.

If you watch movies and listen to songs in iTunes

Listen to songs using Tomahawk, an audio player created especially for those who enjoy good music and want a simple interface with a great visual aspect, quality in the reproduction of the audio files, support of diverse formats, creation of playlists and integration with diverse services online, such as Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, Grooveshark, Beats Music and more.

You can watch your movies with VLC, the famous multimedia player that plays the vast majority of media files. One of its main attractions is its basic interface aimed at beginning users. More multimedia applications, such as Stremio, are available on the Regata OS Store.

If you chat with friends and family on iMessages

If you use iMessages, you can use Skype. The official version of the application has support for the Regata OS, making it easier for new users to make phone calls, send instant messages or make video calls with friends and family. More instant messaging apps are available in the apps store.

If you store photos on a computer using iPhoto

Organizing, dictating and storing your photos will not be a problem with the Regata OS. Gwenview, the standard photo viewer, can handle multiple image formats, as well as simple rotating, mirroring, flipping, cropping, resizing and more. But if that's not enough for you, several professional image editors and apps for famous free cloud file storage services are available at the Regata OS Store waiting for you.

If you love to play on your computer

In the Regata OS, you can also install Steam to enjoy your favorite games. However, as the Regata OS brings technologies normally present in the Linux platform, their games should also be compatible with Linux and SteamOS. Valve's digital game distribution platform currently has more than 3,200 titles for Linux.

Another great alternative to Steam for those who want to enjoy that game is the online store GOG.com, which has great games on sale, which is great for players who are fans of the classic game sales service.

If you use NVIDIA ShadowPlay to record your gameplays

Every gamer knows that it is essential to have a good video capture tool to record all the moments of a game. One of the best options available in the Regata OS is OBS Studio, which when combined with the NVIDIA NVENC codec, already present in the Regata OS, provides a great experience in recording your gameplay, allowing the games to achieve a FPS rate very close to the original of the game without the screen capture, which is great for anyone who owns a GeForce GTX video card.

But if you do not have an NVIDIA video card (from the GeForce 600 series - Kepler), no problem. You can still enjoy the full potential of OBS Studio, as well as all other alternatives available in the Regata OS Store, but opting for the x264 (H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC) codec, for example.

If you use VEGAS Pro to edit your videos and create content

Semi-professionally edit video and audio materials with Kdenlive in high-resolution formats. Make room for your creativity to grow. Kdenlive, available from the Regata OS Store, directs its steps in video editing projects, easily leaving you with some professional features.

Another excellent alternative to publishers like Premiere Pro, as well as to VEGAS Pro itself, for those looking for professional quality standards is the famous Lightworks, which also allows exporting to YouTube/Vimeo, SD/HD and up to 4K resolution.