Regata OS Store Preview

The better applications to do more every day

Get your favorite applications quickly on the Regata OS Store. Find and easily install applications, desktop software and computer games, whether free or paid, but with trial.

We separate the best games for you

If you love to play, be aware that we've separated some of the best games from the Regata OS application store, where most of them are available on Steam. Just click on the "Get the Game" button so that the Steam client starts directly on the page of the chosen game, either to install or buy the same.

As the Regata OS is based on the Linux platform technologies, all games available on Steam or the GOG.com online games store with Linux support must also run on Regata OS. To give you an idea, Steam already has more than 3,200 games for Linux, from indie to AAA. Have a good time!

For creators

The Regata OS Store already has a number of applications focused on creators, ranging from image and video editors to CAD and 3D modeling applications. Although the Regata OS does not support Adobe's products, for example, you will always find in the app store an alternative to height, especially professional apps.